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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Mastering UDK Game Development Book Review

I was recently given the opportunity to do a review for 'Mastering UDK Game Development' by John P Doran, from Packt Publishing. So please read below to see my thoughts.

 This is a great book for those who have already a basic grasp on the fundamentals of UDK, but want to get a bite of the more technical aspects of the engine. There are a broad

Within the first few chapters you go from creating a simple 2D side scrolling game to a 3D rail shooter; this may sound a fast pace but it is actually delivered in a nice conversational way that is easy to absorb, more like being instructed one on one, than a list of tasks your simple repeating.

The layout of each project works well and I especially liked the ‘Why it’s awesome’ section that explains in simple terms why this project that the your about to complete will be so useful. The 'Additional tasks' at the end of each project were also another great addition. These tasks are well aimed as they are obtainable but still add a level of experimentation and further research that help the reader to learn other skills
and techniques (but also thankfully they have also included a working project file that includes these additional tasks working for you if you get stuck.)

As mentioned the book has a great range of projects, by the end of the book you feel confident that with some planning you would be able to create your own game in UDK; by carefully combining the various scripts, codes and projects that are within the book.

Coming from an art background I was quite pleased to see a good range of assets included (downloaded from the Packt publishing website) with the book; these assets help further prior knowledge of the UDK asset pipeline learned from earlier books in the series.

On the whole, this is a great book in a fantastic series, I would ware away complete beginners from this book (and recommend one of the prior titles in the series) but in saying that the information is still delivered in a way that some beginners should be able to cope with. I will be personally recommending this book to many of my friends and colleagues in the future.

Available direct from Packt Publishing here!

Thanks for reading!

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