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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Unity Project Update: 4

There are some real assets in this update but first, I have drawn a concept for a new enemy "The Slimy Grabber" as you can see below
This enemy could potentially be behind or in between any crack or hole in the level. He could be hiding in between trees our hiding beneath the ground reaching up through a hole. His attacks basically involve slapping the character about and attempting to grab them as they go past and generally slimy the character up. This slime will slow down the player and generally make them feel a bit ill.
As you can probably tell by now from the look of the concepts, we're going for a cartoony style to the game, so the textures have all been hand painted to reflect that style. Below are a few of the textures that have been created so far.

Starting from the top left going clockwise: Dirt, Grass, Stone and an alternative Stone. these have all been created to be tile-able and have several colour variations as well as normal and specular maps (which we are still unsure if we want to use in all circumstances).

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