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Friday, 31 August 2012

Textures For Sale!

I was hoping that while creating the Unity project I would be able to sell a few of the assets and textures that I made along the way, as a way to help fund my website hosting. So I'm pleased to announce that I have been approved to sell my first texture on 3D Ocean!

The texture is a repeating tile of a curved stone floor, in 3 different colours, which you can see below

If you want to buy it - feel free to follow this link (as it will help me out as well with referrals)

Also I've added a link to 3D Ocean to the sidebar for easy access to all of my textures (although now only one is there :D ) I will be creating some more soon to add to the selection!


  1. Awesome article! That is very graceful news you guys approved to sell your first texture on 3D Ocean. I'm also interested to purchase this one. Thanks for sharing this happy news. Keep it up :)