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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Unity Project Update: 1

This is the first update on the Unity project (which reminds me from now on I will be referring to the project by its working title "Project Issac"), unfortunately I haven't been able to sort out a video yet but hopefully a few more concepts will keep you interested.

"Chesty" Concept
Gate Concept

On the left is another Enemy for the game, called Chesty, this creature will appear as a normal Treasure chest, when the player goes to open the chest there will be a random chance that the treasure chest will transform into Chesty and attack you.

I'm quite looking forward to modelling this one, always a fan of freaky looking stuff. Furthermore, the treasure chest will also be another prop for the game!

On the right is a concept for the gate, that will act as hero piece in the game, when the level is complete and/or other special circumstances have been achieved by the player, the central rune (currently a hash symbol for reasons unknown to the world) will glow and rotate the cogs, sliding the barriers out of the locks.

More to come soon, thank you for reading.

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