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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

First post!

Hey, I'm Dan and this is my development blog, which will act as a dumping ground for my various projects, drawings, models, textures, photos and so on......but it will probably just end up full of sketches of skulls.....

To get the ball rolling I'm going to show you some stuff from my first Unity project; this game will be an Action RPG akin to Torchlight, Diablo and othe similar games, but on somewhat of a smaller scale.

I'm working with a developer called Dave Nicholas on this project, we work together in our day job  and we previously collaborated on a WebGL game called MSA2  - a Space junk collection game. He will be doing the coding for the game as well as the in engine editing, and anything else that crops up.

So far Dave has set up loads of custom scripts for the game, including cameras, player controllers, enemies, pick-ups, inventory, animation and many more. I will post a video of the current state of progress soon, to show off Dave's work.

I will be concentrating on the graphical side of things, including the concepts for the characters and assets, then modelling them and animating them ready to import into the engine.

Below are some of the current concept pieces for the game, on the left a skeleton enemy and the on the right is the game's protagonist (who is yet to be named).

Here is the first complete character in the game, appropriately named Ghosty, he has a custom skeleton created using the bones system in 3DSMax and custom animations created using classic key-framing techniques.

We also have a working base mesh of the main character in game and animating - but you can see that when I upload a video.

Finally below you can see the rough design for our development level, this is about a third of the way towards completion and again will be seen in the video.

Thank you for reading!

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